1. Do I have to own my own truck?

You do not have to own your own truck. We have company driver positions available for hire. We also are looking for owner-operators.

2. How long am I out driving Over-The-Road before I can come home?

It is negotiable on how long you are over the road. We do our best to manage our drivers schedule and align that with what the driver prefers. If that means over the road a few days or being home, each night depends on the drivers preference.

3. How often can I get paid?

We pay the drivers at the end of each and every week.

4. Do I need to have previous flatbed experience to hire on?

You do not have to have previous flat-bed experience. We do ask that you go thru our training program so that you have a better understanding at the task at hand.

5. What are your service areas?

Our services areas are very broad. We transport short hauls as well as long hauls. We service Arkansas,Texas ,Tennessee, Oklahoma,Missouri, Mississippi and a lot of the Midwest region.